Theo Apostoleris – My Story

No two projects are alike, and each is an opportunity to solve the next problem better, and faster than the competition.

My goal is to assist my client by delivering technical configuration and code behind the scenes as quickly as possible to support what is required, and information via good communication so we can make the best possible decisions. My goal is to deliver best in class solutions to you and your customers’ needs, and to help you prevent future problems before they arise.

I stay very knowledgeable of modern technical tools and approaches. I continually practice my technical skills in order to translate your vision and design into a high quality interactive online web application in the most efficient way possible. My goal is on building applications that focus on the user experience, and that perform well.

I am sensitive in writing code that will be expandable, maintainable, reusable, and as straight-forward and simple as possible. I write front end code, I write back end code, and I architect online Software.

As a single person, I simply cannot be more creative, more technical, and more in the moment, than a team of people with various creative, business, and technical backgrounds. I thrive independently as a jack of all trades and on a team with specialized technical skillsets. I prefer partnering with others where it makes sense for greater overall results.

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